Flash Player Installation Problems

You went to Adobe and downloaded Flash Player.  The Download Manager notified you that the download was complete.  You accept the terms of the download.  The notification window informs you that installation is complete.  Yet, when you go to a website that requires the Flash Player, it fails to function.  Perhaps, only recently, the player has failed to work for you.

What do you do now?

Let’s begin by understanding what is needed when you request “play” from a web site.  First, you need to have a current version of the Flash Player. This will often solve most of your problems. Go to Adobe’s web site and download the most current player.


You will see the options to download the free Adobe Reader, Air, Shockwave Player, and Flash Player. Frequently, I use three out of the four.  I have not used Adobe Air or found a need for it.  I leave this up to you.  You use your computer.  I do not.

If you received a successful installation notification and you still are unable to play Flash content, the time has come to take additional actions.  Most Flash content is wrapped in a Java “bundle.”  Perhaps it is your Java that is not working correctly. Go to the Start button or Start orb, choose Control Panel, and navigate to the programs (or programs and features).  How you uninstall Java is dependent on your operating system.  Nevertheless, you will select the program (Java) and uninstall it.  A note, while we are discussing Java, if you have had the same installation of Java for several years, this would be the time to uninstall and install the newest version.  Java does take up quite a bit of space, especially for older computers with smaller hard drive capacity (storage ability).


You should, at this point, have a complete and successful installation of Flash Player and Java. Remember to restart your computer one extra time, regardless of those times that you restarted when prompted by the installation of the programs and components mentioned.

Further technical support for Flash Player can be found at the Adobe web site.



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