Internet Explorer Toolbars

In today’s internet environment, toolbars are abundant.  You will download them intentionally, and they will unknowingly come bundled with programs and software.  A toolbar can be a great aid.  Consider the Google toolbar. With site statistics, phishing prevention, and quick access to the search engine, someone would consider this toolbar an aid.  Yet, load a WebSearch toolbar, and you may have no idea where it came from or even its puprose.

Eventually, you, as the user, will be responsible for the management of the toolbars loaded into Internet Explorer.  This is something any home user can manage.  The methods are generally the same, but will vary slightly in the appearance depending on the browser version.  To view your version of Internet Explorer, select Help from the Menu Bar in IE.  Click About Internet Explorer.

If you cannot find the Menu Bar, look for the string of words File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help.  These are the options on the Menu Bar.  You may not have enabled the view for the Menu Bar.  Right mouse click anywhere in the top of the IE window that does not contain menus, icons, toolbars, or the Address Bar.  On the right-clicked menu, select the option Menu Bar.  You will know that the bar has been chosen when a checkmark appears next to this option.

Show the Menu Bar

From the Menu Bar in IE 8 or earlier, click Tools – in IE 9 click the tools iconand click Manage add-ons.

The Manage add-ons window will open.  Select the Add-on TypeToolbars and Extensions.  Select the toolbar that you wish to enable or disable.  Click it one time.  The toolbar will be highlighted; the background will be colored. (If for any reason you do not see the toolbar that you want, there are reasons.  Change the Show options so that you can view all of the installed toolbars, indcluding those that are disabled.  You may have uninstalled the toolbar.)

In this same window, you will be provided with one of two options for your toolbar selected:  Enable or Disable.  Make your selection, and close the window.


2 responses to “Internet Explorer Toolbars

    • I know this sounds terrible, but it depends on the type of search. 🙂

      I have found that general searching is best served by Google, Bing, and Yahoo type engines. However, there are a great deal of engines that will search and return results for other search engines, such as the three mentioned (WebCrawler). If you are searching for graphics, there is an engine for that. If you are searching for MP3s, there is an engine for that.

      I think the best judge of which engine would be the better would be you. Do you like it? Do you get an easy to read and naviagte page of results? Can you find what you are looking for?

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