Computer Infections Part 1

Malware, Spyware, Adware, Keylogger, Tracking Cookie, Virus, Trojan, Worm, Rootkit, Exploit

Whether you have an Apple, Linux, Unix, or Windows system, at some point you will understand the consequences of having one of these types of infections.  An infection can completely stop your computer from working, slow it down and make it unmanageable, prevent you from browsing the internet, take over an application or program, track your every move and keystroke, or even hide and delete your files.  Do not wait for the proof that you need protection.  Wait and it will be too late for you.  Going online, that is connecting and browsing the internet, also called the web, without any protection is an invitation for disaster, frustration and damage to your system.

Installing a basic antivirus, antivirus and firewall, or internet security bundle, whether packed together or from chosen products available, keeps you protected to some extent.  If you use passwords, credit card numbers, and any other type of private or personal information, you need full-coverage internet protection:  anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-spam, intrusion detection, online shield and protection, identity protection, et cetera.

You may wonder what are the free options, but I will remind you that something that is free is only as good as free.  For free, you may be the testing platform for new design and construction, which means vulnerability and possible destruction of your system’s ability to operate.  Minus this argument, I will say that there are some very popular options. I will not endorse or be responsible for their use, but they are better than nothing.  Purchase of a full suite, or bundle, is usually well worth the cost.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Apple Operating Systems

*Freely provided options are for personal use only.  These options do not provide full coverage. 

**Optional Mac firewalls for installation would include Jaguar, Firewalk X, and Brickhouse.  These are more versatile and provide more optional coverages and settings than the standard installed firewall.

Each year, popular magazines and websites provide lists of the best performers and protectors. I have found through the years, that while the technical specifications are daunting, these lists are beneficial in making a well-informed decision.  I will not guarantee performance or use, but I will say that these are the options that I would consider for my own personal protection.  These lists are not in any particular order.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Apple Operating Systems

*These are home user recommendations.  Further research for business will reveal that “cloud” protection should be a consideration when purchasing a bundle internet security suite.

Would you like to know what I am thinking? Ask yourself this:

Is my internet security made in the USA?  I know that Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security states made in the USA.  Usually, there are a conglomerate of nations involved in the making, manufacturing, and distributing of the product.

If my package is made in China, did China leave a window for them to get into my computer?  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but you have to wonder what the repercussions are if you purchase a product such as this from another country.

…Part 2 Coming Soon!


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