Upgrade to Lion?

At times it may appear that I have a dissenting opinion concerning Apple.  This is not the case.  I suffer from fond memories and experiences of what Apple used to be.  At times, I may be overly critical of some products, but I want to present the good with the bad.  Often enough the good concerning Apple is based on myth and not founded on fact.  When the good is logically proven, I will happily stand by any product, software or hardware, but let you know as much of the bad that I can possibly find.

A recent example would be the controversy over tabletsApple has Apps, but it does not have the hardware or the OS that other tablets have.  This involves a very weighted decision on the part of the user.  Do you want Apps?  Do you want performance?  At home?  At work?  These are just a few questions that you need to ask.  You should always buy and upgrade according to your need and use.

With that said, let’s look at the Apple’s new OS X upgrade:  Lion.  Do you need to upgrade?  Is the upgrade worth it to you?  Will it limit your wants and needs?

I am going to list a number of articles.  I have said quite frequently that I will not rewrite the information, but I would like to compile it in such a way that you can find it, read it, and evaluate it for yourself.

The question:  Should I upgrade to Lion?

Should I Upgrade to Mac OS X Lion?

Worth the upgrade?

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review

Apple Mac OS X Lion Problems & Issues

Is Mac OS X Lion Worth the Upgrade?

Product-specific issues (Adobe and Safari)

Mac OS Lion: to Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

What applications are not compatible with Mac OS X Lion?

Mac OS X is Not a Tame Lion, and WHy That’s Good for You.

OS X Lion:  why you should before upgrading

Search your favorite search engine using keywords like “known Lion issues”, “compatibility problems Lion”, “Lion don’t upgrade”, “lion upgrade why”, et cetera.  Any variant will return hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, but the consensus is that it looks pretty, it is selfish, and probably too glitchy right now for the normal everyday user.

From my customers and forums that I joined these are the common issues and complaints that I have found, corrected, explained and read:

  • Can’t upgrade if not Intel
  • Mail does not work after upgrade and/or will not upgrade – options are removed or changed, like search (GPGMail is deactivated)
  • MacFUSE does not work in Lion, which means that TrueCrypt and NTFS-3G will not either (try uninstall before upgrade to Lion)
  • Paragon NTFS does not work (affecting partitions and recognition of dual boot)
  • There are hardware limits – check hardware specifications before you upgrade
  • Lots of eye-candy but very little changed
  • Flash and Java are not included in the package – require separate installation
  • Microsoft Office will crash at times – here – issues are frequent and crashes the norm (not because of MS, but because of changes in the OS X Lion)
  • Scrolling is inverted – the gesture changed – affects many applications and sometimes unusable
  • Problems with Safari
  • Problems with wi-fi devices and connections abound
  • Does not support PowerPC (support for Rosetta translator and FileMaker, for example, is gone)
  • NX Client incompatible
  • Bootcamp needs specific drivers
  • Doesn’t favor/support open source programs (gone is Front row for example)

Note that some of these issues may not be relevant for you.  These problems may not even be ones that will affect your computing experience.  The home-user may not even notice much other than the visual changes.  You would need to find the new features that replaced some of the older ones, like Mission Control.  The smaller scroll bars and buttons can be changed by a more knowledgeable or persistent user.  Just remember that problems do exist.

A new OS release, regardless of the maker, is often plagued with instability and conflict.  Apple should not be admonished and more or less than Microsoft until you ask where your favorite features and applications ended up!  Again, they are becoming more …. “selfish”.  I refuse to comment on this, but let it me known.  Things may not be so easy in the future when it comes to using Apple products.

You may find that it is worth the move to another computer environment.  I noticed quite a bit of similarity to the iOS (used in phones too) as well as a familiarity to Windows, of all things.  Is Lion really a new Mac OS or is it a close second to Windows now?  While performance changed a little, the gadgets and graphics seem to be very Windows-like.  Does anyone else find this odd?

I want to say that the integration and functionality with the phones and tablets is what will probably make this upgrade worthwhile.  The benefit is based on the type of user that you are.  This is a very important fact.

In summary, Mac is not for the Geek anymore.  It is for the non-power user that only wants a computer and is not affected by how it can be used – just that it is useful.  This is great for new computer users or very  novice users.  I miss my old Apple!

Office: mac



Don’t forget your antivirus and firewall – even on a MAC!  We all surf the same internet!


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