Moving Windows Folders

Believe it or not …  there are system folders that you can move!  Moving these folders could/can improve performance, eliminate system drive space issues, and prevent data loss.

I cannot even count the number of times that I have had to go to great lengths to recover data for a friend or work.  And mind you, that is without any quality tools (hardware or software).  It is more like flying by the seat of my pants – or should that be flying by the keys of my keyboard?

I digress.

Move your Documents or My Documents folder:

1.  Click the Start button or the start orb, whichever system that you happen to be running at this point in time.

2.  If you are Windows XP, right click My Documents, choose Properties.  If you are Windows 7, click your account name, right click the My Documents folder, choose Properties.

3.  In Windows XP, on the Target tab, click the Move button.  Select a destination (the idea is to select another hard disk that is not the system disk) drive and folder.  In Windows 7, click the Location tab and click the Move button.

There are benefits to moving the main documents folder.  This is where we keep everything, or at least you should.

Move the Users Directory

Move and change your paging file :

Configure the page file size for a 64-bit system

Move your print spooler file as well:

The only difference for Vista or 7 is the navigation to the printers window.  Once the window is open and displays your list of devices, across the top of the you will see “Print server properties”.  Location of this selection is what you need – Choose Advanced, and click the Change Advanced Settings button.  Little things like this are what has changed since XP.

I will say that you can move your TEMP and TMP files, but I have only experienced a degradation in performance when I attempted to do this in Windows XP.  I had no problems in 98, and I did not try it in Vista or Windows 7.

People often represent the weakest link in the security chain and are chronically responsible for the failure of security systems. — Bruce Schneier


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