Quickly Fix Internet Explorer Errors

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VS Report Designer: Positioning and Blank Pages

Visual Studio 2012 (and other years):  Why are you getting a blank page at the end of every report?  Why do the contents not center on the page or position as you designed?

I spent quite some time working on the infamous “blank page” at the end of each report, as well as overcoming the left-flushed default for anything that you place in the report designer space.  I solved them both!

There are about three key points to remember:

1.  Use rectangles much as you would a panel in form design.  Place rectangles on the designer and drag controls to the rectangle.  Drawing a rectangle around the controls will not dock the controls in the rectangle. (You cannot drag them from the Document Outline either.)

2.  Remove ALL white space, top and bottom as well as left and right.  It is quite easy to assume that you are working within the page space.  You are not.  You are working within a rectangle – the parent rectangle!

3.  Take advantage of the Format alignments.  Center the rectangles with the Center In Form.

Lastly, set the default PageSize, Margins, and Orientation.  Once you have tackled these few things, your report will print centered on the page (if you choose, of course) and without any odd blank pages.

A quick search of the Knowledge Base should help you to adjust quite easily to the differences and make your reports shine!

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