Facebook Game Crisis!

You are having problems with your games?  You are having a problem with your page?  To me, this is classified as a crisis.  If I cannot access Frontierville, we have a serious problem!

Over the course of time, I have noticed a few things will affect Facebook, outside of the computer technological specifications, of course.  First, keep your Flash Player updated.  Second, keep your Java updated.  Third, clean your temporary internet files on occasion (Tools, Internet Options, Delete …).  Lastly, keep your operating system updated.  Look for and download the “optional” updates as well.  The optional choices will often supply current drivers and other software updates not directly related to the operating system.

Finally, Internet Explorer 9 was released not too long ago.  I have discovered that most of the Zynga games run best in Compatibility Mode.  To the right of the Address Bar, in IE, you will see the magnifying glass, a down arrow, a piece of ripped paper, a circular arrow, and an “x”.  Click the icon that resembles a ripped piece of paper to switch to Compatibility Mode.  This will solve most of your issues on most of your web sites and web programs.

Always try this possible solution first.

Visit Mircrosoft Support for more detailed information and instructions:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956197


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